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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Every Woman

                    This is a powerful year of women supporting each other, of being there for real depths of love and friendship! I am in awe of all my new friends and also of all my old friends, because each and every woman is teaching me something about what it means to be the best I can be.

In my Gaia Circle, in my Book Club and in my sisterhood, I see all kinds of AMAZING women! My heart is bursting forth such gratefulness and joy, these women support each other in kindness, and in love.

I am in awe of every hug I get and every tear I share with these women, we are of all ages, we are of great strength and great understanding of joy in being there for each other.

There is a different world out there where women are mean to each other, where they judge and compete with each other and hold grudges against each other but I do not socialize with those women any more. I am free from that kind of world of women, I always have been but now I take an even bigger step against them....They are welcomed in my presence only if they behave, only if they are kind too. Once they aren't I simply walk away from them after sharing a better way to live with each other....they may not take it to heart, but at least I learned valuable issues from them and their negativity.

If women who were easily jealous, easily rude and mean changed their heart after seeing how good it is to have true soulful sisters then I would welcome them with open arms! I would be wise in knowing they could pull some old drama they have lived by their whole life but I wouldn't keep them from learning a new way to live.

Friendship takes work sometimes, learning that every woman has her own stories and her own fears helps me listen even better to what I can do in holding their trust and encouraging their best self to come forward.

I have been this way since I was a little girl with a mother who played every game in the book on using her womanhood for personal gain. I will always remember when I told my mother "Just say what you really want. It's easier on those around you to know exactly what you are thinking when you just say it as it is."
I was a very direct 15 year old, I am sure she grew so annoyed at me because I didn't take her advice on becoming a woman in all things.

As I grow older my world of women is so full WONDERFUL souls! I am ever so grateful and in awe that even my mother and I are such good friends now!

Being Kind goes such a long ways in making a new friend so easily, in keeping the old friends for life! As women we are called to help each other in all things from child birth to pushing the wheel chairs around, this is the life force I get to enjoy! I get to be there for the most magical women of my life time!

New generations can have a better future, a better sisterhood that endears us all to such a wonderful lasting friendship!  The world is made even more beautiful with courageously caring women and I know so many of them personally <3

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