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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Every Day

This is a crazy time to watch almost President Trump come into office, I like what I was reading in Jon Katz blog once again, he is a profound thinker, writer and creator of his beautiful life on this earth! I will always admire him and his ideas as his blog goes and as his life unfolds I get to be a part of it in my own cozy corner in my home with my coffee cup, I can think about all these things that I agree with him about.

"I see no purpose in arguing, complaining, railing or lamenting the next four years. I want more out of life than that."

This is a crazy time for change, or for unrest....uncertainty, but then again the future is always unknown.
I live my every day life with the peace of mind that I am not stuck in this moment forever, that I hold my own world in my very own hands, so how do I want it go? How would I like it to be? 
And What is very important to me? I am the storyteller for my least for my part, I wasn't aware at the beginning and I won't know the end but for what I hold in my hands I can share!

How beautiful is the strength of all women?
How beautiful of them giving birth to a new generation always cycling through life stories!
How strong are we as a society all together? Will we be tested in the next 4 years to find out?

If we don't live in fear then we can get so much more done in our every day! No one else gets a say in how we choose to create our lives, our short time on earth.

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