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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Get ready for the Women!

              It's happening this month here in my own city of Boise, Our ladies marching to the Capitol.

Because we will not allow a New president take away our rights as women.

We will not be bullied or live in fear of the future!

WE will walk together, stand together and support each other as the strong sisterhood society that we are!

Read all about this Marching Event coming up this month, so for here in Boise Idaho I have a personal group going with me on Saturday, January 21, 2017. Come along with us if you want!

My home will be the place to share in more coffee and bundle up for this inspirational event as we travel together to be apart of history and unity!

With a new President like Donald Trump, whose distasteful behavior towards women has us alarmed and annoyed, we will be brave and be smart in standing up against him if we have to.....Hopefully after this marching of the women he will take notice of us not allowing him to take away our rights.

With courage I see how this kind of empowerment creates a better future for all!

Get ready for the Women!

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