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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Walk this way

Around the election just a couple months ago I was setting up a woman's wine class, with a display on how all the steps in wine making work together to create so many varieties and new wineries opening up all around us. We studied the map on our Snake river wineries, we did a tasting of our local wine bottles and shared in such a magical night of supportive sisterhood.

It was there that the talk came about a Woman's march in January.
I was excited to see all of us coming together to support each other, not to let some bully for our new President get to say what we woman can or can not do.
We saw this movement yesterday, nation wide it was BIG and it was AWESOME!
The constant reminder that no matter what the Government says, no matter how corrupt the politicians are. We are a society, a local community who sees the value in paying attention to our nation's federal level in a new 4 years that we follow all the activities, that we demand our state capitals and local government to respect us, to work for us. The messy chaos after the election leaves us all feeling stressed or worried about our future, I have said this quite often that we are stronger when we stand together. 
Women who love, who support and who comfort give way to stronger people in their communities.
Women who don't play games, don't bully and don't hurt others stand up for a better world, one of true beauty that the price tags in all the magazines can't sell us.
Women who know how to teach, to listen and to cry with those around them, Women who heal, who grow and who feed their families sharing in magical friendships and pure joy of all that is living, THOSE are the women who change the world!
Walking with these women and with my local community made me so proud yesterday.
I felt like it's just a small act to walk and talk, to hug and to love!
To bundle up and to stand side by side in the pouring wet snow, I was in awe that I wasn't alone, that a few months ago in getting ready for this day....I was right in how important this protesting marching was going to be! 
It was a joyful day to celebrate being a woman!
It was a gift to the new generations that says we will fight for your freedom and we will not be bullied!
The world of women is changing, it's going back to the roots in being real and honest....and to not be worried over the roots of our hair but in the quality of our character.
This is change, this is hope in that we will support each other as the wonderful mystical magic full of love ladies that we are!
Woman's march      

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