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Friday, November 29, 2013


I really wish I never knew about "Black Friday", I'm jealous of my friends who ask what is it? Because I was raised with it hanging over Thanksgiving like a scene from the "Mission Impossible" movies. Bewildered as a kid and stepped on by those crazy crowds, one time I remember my mother throwing my little sister into the shopping cart and yelling for me to grab hold to the cart handle as she pushed through the chaos, the frenzy! I remember it like a fuzzy dream of panicking as those store doors opened to hundreds of people pushing us inward and I remember so clearly wanting to leave and get out of it all. 
Finally reaching 10 years old I could speak up in my protest and NOT be apart of the stupidity, of greed or this so called family tradition. 
NOTHING is worth it, nothing is right about Black Friday and sadly I've noticed it's the poor people who seem more likely follow those sales signs at the cost of their own health and at the cost of their own much needed money. 
I know some people might disagree with me but I sadly shake my head wondering if there is a God why would this happen to us as a society?
I have learned now as I grow older to just let the crazy people be crazy, give this holiday event back to them...maybe one day there will no need for it, although greed has not yet left us alone?

As for me and my home we will serve the pumpkin pie and coffee while staying in and hoping to avoid any horrid NEWS story that will be so bewildering and so very very sad on Black Friday!

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