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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

3 in 1

When it comes to having 3 awesome dogs, I am overjoyed and thrilled! Because they are so different in personality and in style that seeing them get along with each other everyday and love being part of my pack is so much fun!
I love cuddling and training them, and I enjoy waking up with each one curled into my own body every morning. It's hard for me to go straight to sleep without going around the dark home at night and kiss each pet goodnight. My dogs stretch out so I will also rub their bellies goodnight and my cats will instantly purr and snuggle down in the blankets I fluff around them whispering
 "Mommy loves you, sweet dreams."
Being watchful over animals has been the calling of my whole life, even as teenager I had nightmares of rescuing kittens and puppies such dreams have never left me in all these years. So now in this time of my life where I have the most pets since arriving to adulthood I realize that all those bad dreams of animals in trouble was actually guiding me into the bigger purpose for my time on this earth, I am living and caring over my pets as I was always meant to be....
Sidda likes her car rides and being carried everywhere with me, she is my smallest, oldest and laziest dog.

Minnie likes her treats, likes ANYTHING that can be food, she is also a perfect dog at the dog park.

Oscar likes his own play time with me, he watches over all things for at the sound of trouble he alerts me quickly. Always leaning against my leg when we stand around outside, he is a very sensitive sweet dog.

In my calm and cozy home having 3 dogs seems like nothing, well kinda like 3 in 1 actually, for they hang out together happily!

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