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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Soooo Now I know!

         Okay so I have bought almost every Jon Katz book about bedlam farm and his dogs over the last decade....(Well, He is my most Favorited author of course) 
And there was this one book cover picture that always confused me, for I am VERY good at paying attention to details in faces, in animals and listening at the sound of a voice, I personally like to challenge myself in remembering who this is or where I recognize that person. Especially in animals I like to notice all the details, patterns and differences that make them unique. While reading this book I thought to myself  "WHO is this dog???" Because I was following all things Jon Katz like some people follow Hollywood. I knew of his farm and blog which showed small stories, pictures and connections to the lives in his farm life. THIS dog was not anywhere around from what I could tell, yet maybe it was Orson back when he was first named Devon, young and confused??? NOPE, I knew it was not Orson, he had a very deep face so if it's not Izzy, and not Rose then I wondered for the longest time while I read this book who was this dog on the cover?
THEN yesterday I read Jon's blog as always, as a part of my everyday life. For he always write things that I need to be reminded of again, of the comforting fact I am not alone in all my own journeys that seem at times similar to his own. 
Bedlam farm was where I first went as a young woman in my late 20's to find my heart and soul again! 
Now I can create my own farm life here in my 30's, I feel like I can stand for something much deeper then obtaining nice things or perfect clothes. It all came to me while reading these books and getting online to find Jon Katz's blog. My journey in returning to "the farm", wasn't about getting back to my childhood for THAT farm died along with my Grandparents, it was more like carrying the fire in my soul! (Having a joy in all that I can do far away from the negative voices of my parents, for in MY farm stories my parents taught me how not to be like them and therefore I am grateful!)
This book will always remind me of how to escape the buzz of greed, the buzz of competition, as back when I first was reading it took me into the sun light, mentally removing this stressful society all around me while giving me a dog to love as I read on! 
(If only to keep me asking myself which of Jon's dogs was on this cover picture for such a magical book)
Soooo now I know!
 I know now from Bedlam farm post in which Jon updated this story, and shared that Homer was the dog in this picture, funny how all these years I wondered about it.......and was reminded just yesterday of how I couldn't figure it out!

Homer's story made sense and gave me an awareness to trust that other people can give a dog just as good of a home as I know that I can......
In fact it's a wonderful job when we love the whole world together!

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