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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thank You

Thank you for the sunshine today for the big holiday weekend surrounding Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow! And Thank you for all the yummy good eats! Thank you for family, for laughter, for wine and that awaited fun game board time! 
Thank you for the pets in our lives, they are so loved and for the warm cozy blankets, even a fuzzy sweater we can wear! 
I think saying THANK YOU is so refreshing  and it makes us take account of all we have and all we need to remember that is important to us once again. 

Also may I say THANK YOU for reading my blog, I never try to figure out if anyone reads this but I do appreciate it  when ya do! 
Soooo Thank you my dear reader!!

Have yourself a Happy Thanksgiving and may the day be rich in memories, in hugs and safe coziness!

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