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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Back to the Future

Once we lay to rest our past, once we lay down all of our own personal stories or hidden emotions, letting go of grudges, of hurtful times. Letting go of ALL the injustices of this real world round us THEN and only THEN can we step into the promising future! The time will fly by automatically even if you are living in the past. But to truly step forward into the endless history being made right in front of you, to really know what time it is for your soul and for your strength you have to lay to rest everything from within yourself. 

No one else can fix what is going on inside of your own self, unless you seek advice or "download" memories that can keep eating at ya, no one can really help you out with this very personal journey. Some people don't even care really if you are struggling so what I see happens so often is the avoidance of ourselves. Our society allows avoidance and self-destruction more over then those "Ah HA!" moments once shared on TV shows like "Oprah". It all comes down to your own self, to the story you will choose to share or believe about yourself in the end. Be brave and don't avoid it....

Once I grew up my life changed into the most beautiful place! 
I always carried that idea or dream within me that my life is simply good. Yet not until I could actually be in control of my own life did it become TRUE.
It is very much like getting into a time machine from that famous movie "Back to the Future." The story changes and gets better for that guy "Marty" after he returns to the present time once again. (My husband loves these movies so much, he even has the kind of hair like "Doc" had....maybe one day it will be all white and I can call him that!) 
 This idea of going back in time to understand where we are today is very important, getting stuck in the past however is not healthy. Life has this endless hope of looking and living towards the future so being distracted by the past can take away from the real delight of RIGHT NOW.

Once my life was healed from the inside out I noticed I could move on in helping and hugging others, I had a new found strength and love for the whole world around me! I loved listening and connecting to other peoples stories or journeys. I don't have all the answers for everything about me, I don't think I will ever "Arrived" to such enlightenment of my being. I just know that once everything is laid down, once I finally owned it and faced it then I could enjoy this day for what it all holds, for the endless possibilities of my good life! Now If I had a "Delorean" to be my time machine I would go back in time and be with all the ones I still so miss!
The future is ALWAYS going to be this great big unknown place, going back through our time, back through our memories will make us wiser and more aware of what we still need to work on in ourselves because well the future took us right back through our past and now here we are in the know!

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