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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tommy Boy

 In the crazy ice storm last winter a stray striped cat looked miserable, I called him Tom Tom or Tommy boy. I had to make sure he got fresh water and food that day which turned into everyday since. He is a good cat, soft in speaking and grateful for any thing. He isn't mean to my other cats, they know he is there but don't care. He is a stray and likes to go around the neighborhood, I am not trying to own him at all and yet I would never let him suffer. During this hot summer Tommy was looking rough, I decided to try and help him with some diatomaceous earth which I sprinkled over him then brushed him out with his very own brush. He purred and even drooled by the time I was done caring over him, whatever bugs were on him in less then a week were gone and he was healthy again! I feed him bone broth as well so naturally he has a good fighting chance to come back to looking good again. 
Yesterday while I worked outside I set my sweater down for a moment, Tommy found it happily near his usual spot for food so he napped in the sun letting me know he would like his own sweater bed before this winter arrives.......(and yes, yes I am working on it)
He is a cute stray with big loving eyes, so who wouldn't want to help him out a bit?

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