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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It does the body GOOD

Now I know that I say this ALL the time but I will never ever want a gym membership ever again! 
I like getting my exercise from walking the dog, cleaning the house and gardening. Yard work alone is heavy duty and simply down right FUN! 
It's even in bad weather to race around outside and then go deep clean inside! Like having all the bedding to washed and dried makes everything smell fresh and cozy. We are meant to rest just as much as when we work hard. When the sun comes out I race out in it eagerly, I let my dogs lay out or chase the ball. I pull weeds here and there, clean all my garden tools and setup new ideas for growing! Last year I don't remember much about these leaves? My husband Tony says we were under such stress of him going back to school and I would go out to see my mother quite a bit too. In fact because we had a guy already living upstairs back then I was gone with my dogs all over the place, not feeling much at home until it got really cold! So these leaves have a way of coming back to the earth bringing things we had forgotten that where going on only a year ago.....
I see the world in one long list of things to do, in that I am never done, never really bored! For there are dogs who need attention, cats who need brushed out if not fed. I can lift heavy things and bend down to my knees and hands in the dirt. I can climb up high and sweep down cobwebs, I can carry water buckets and hoses all over, I hammer in a nail on the fence or I cut down the trumpet vine. THIS Is my work out! Everyday these are the things that I need to get done and sit back enjoying the view of home well cared for! (now if only we had a swimming pool I would never need to set foot into an organized gym again!)
Everyone is different I know and to maintain constant walks, hikes, bike rides and playing sports or pulling weeds has to be a personal choice. I love to dance inside while cooking or doing the dishes to my endless background music then when I really get into it I work up a sweat with that out of breath feeling of PURE JOY! It all does the body GOOD!
My heart and soul loves to be challenged, loves to create and loves to bring that long list of projects to completion!
I don't need a gym, I don't need a trainer, I don't need a schedule just the sun light and warmth of the day to work hard in cleaning up the earth and keeping myself strong!

(This is the irrigation ditch half done in being cleaned out from all the fallen leaves and such. I love the growing rich and green ivy on the fence it's a really cool privacy wall now)

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