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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Capturing Craft Corner

          In Caldwell Idaho yesterday the sky was clear and fall colors were every where! I had been asked by my mom to come out to her cottage and take her into a craft store then I realized in Caldwell a town about only a half hour drive from her home had a craft store I use to shop at all the time when I was in charge of doing arts and crafts for church back when I was 18. This is an old looking place now and when I was 15 years old it looked old even then! I love it all though because it's full of history the deep downtown of Caldwell back 100 years ago was thriving fully like Boise is now. I think the farmers and ranchers still come here for a good steak dinner and holiday shopping. I walked my mother into the store holding her left side and she swings her hips very good. Against the cart she supports herself, I am always hanging onto her blind side on that cart as it cuts corners closely without even being noticed by her. One aisle can take us a few times up and down again for her to see everything. She loves sales and loves shopping, I could never get annoyed so it is the same aisle until she is ready to move on and it's always her call on what we do. This is important with a stroke survivor like herself to remember how important it is to feel in control and to be respected ALWAYS. I like when it is just Mom and Me, because she is so happy, chuckling and smiling. We talk every detail out and I don't hide her wallet or her cell phone because I let her know what is real and what she can or can't do. She will change her mind when I say "That is way to expensive, let's wait for a sale or put it on your Christmas list." She will move on if I treat her like it's all just common sense. My brothers are very quick to tell her "NO. You can't. or You are being crazy." Then she gets so mad and determined to buy it when moments like this happen I try quickly to respectfully send my brothers away and try to discuss a while with my mom on waiting to purchase something so spendy. When it is Mom and I the flow of shopping is ALL day and very RELAXING. Neither of us are in a hurry, we find the sales and we plan the decor of her home with ease and excitement. I am more of friend to my mother then what she can remember as her daughter. I noticed this more yesterday as she would look surprised when I said something about the past she would ask "How did you know them?" or "How did you know I had that?" I would chuckle explaining "Well Mom I was your first born...." She would frown and nod kinda oddly unsure then she would share stories of her kids as if I were another mom friend instead as if what I had just explained didn't registered. I left it alone of course but it shows how her last 3 kids are what she can remember the most on being a mother. It has almost been 35 years since I came into her life, I can see why or how easily those years are forgotten. For now we can live into this day and I can be there for her asking nothing else but to let me serve her and see her smile!
There is NOTHING that can come up in being with her for the whole day I can't handle, nothing about her bothers me and nothing about time matters when I've set the day aside for her. I am her friend who isn't afraid to drive, isn't afraid to talk to people and strong enough to hold her or push her in the wheel chair. I would never dream of insulting her  or correcting her, I think I have so much to give and teach others when it comes to the disabled or handicap you have to live outside of yourself, see the big picture and love the whole world!  
Craft Corner in Caldwell Idaho yesterday was slow and nice for my mother and I to spend the whole afternoon there! It's an old worn building with 3 big room full top to bottom of crafting items. It has those old cash registers and old display racks. I liked it all of course being a sucker for old things! Mom and I got to reply on the lady clerk very much she seemed like a sweet Grandma to the world around us. I enjoyed her advice and kindness very much, this is my idea of supporting local business a quiet nice place full of creative wonders and a history of the life line in the store. 
My Mom was getting worn down by the time we left the store it had been quite a bit of walking on her cane. It was a smooth time in getting some Christmas decor for her and I was left feeling reflective over my life's memories of this place. One day it could be all gone, just like us all........

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