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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Warm by the fire

It was raining outside as I sat by the fire place in Papa Joe's as Benny rushed in to meet me. I had order our favorite mozzarella sticks already as she sat down taking a bite. "Oh GOOD! I was thinking about these on the way in!" I chuckled and nodded as we sat directly in front of the fire place on this cold winter's day, "So you are heading home this evening?" I asked her as she took time trying to order from the menu. I joked around with her "I would say we could share something BUT I know how picky you are about food!" I laugh and snack our appetizer plate. She shrugged with a smile saying "I hate ordering something that ends up not being what I I have to really stop and think about it first." Being best friends over all these years getting together all of a sudden in our day was just how we rolled!

The fireplace roared and crackled making us warm up quickly, we shared our new knitted hats and gloves and scarfs. We talked about different patterns and new types of yarn. We joked, we teased each other then we laughed fully over our newest funny stories in our lives.
Benny said looking around holding her simple sandwich "THIS is a really nice place by the fire! I don't think I ever sat here before, before we leave I want to grab a coffee for the road and need YOU to pick it out for tell the guy what I like because I can never remember!" I giggled shaking my head "You like white chocolate or Carmel or anything really sweet to hide the coffee taste...NOT what I call "drinking coffee"." Benny smiled proudly replying back "GOOD! see you know and remember for me what I like to drink so I will take you with me to order one." That was such a fun cozy day in against the winter's weather as we caught up and as we shared our lives. The fire's warmth made us both very relaxed and goofy as we ate lunch then ordered coffees to go. "This place reminds me so much of YOU." Benny said as we left saying goodbye for another few months as she went back To Twin Falls. I smiled asking "Because of all the visiting quiet corners?" She nodded and added "That, and it's styled very "Hippy" with second hand furniture the way you always like. I am going to do that style for my own home I decided, bye Girl!" I waved out getting to my car saying "Call me to let me know you arrived home safely, love ya!"   As the rain came down we both drove out back to our lives, warmed from the fireplace and knowing we had such a delightful friendship!

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