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Saturday, November 23, 2013

50 years of the Future

On November 22, 1963 our nation's President was shot up directly in front of the public, leaving all these images of our home made camera shots or recordings strongly emotional and set into our historical minds. How innocent were we all until this date unfold? The reason we have been told so quickly that one man acted alone or that Cuba did all of this was impart for our own grief to get pass and move on. I don't think humans have ever been so innocent, so naive or so helpless like how this event would suggest. But I think back on this date our culture and society was very refreshing, carrying a sense of real hope, people like new beginnings no matter how "street wise" they can be. So with this really young man as our nation's leader and with new inventions like a TV brought him right into our everyday lives.
We have now arrived 50 years later from this trauma, if this event unfolded nowadays I would NOT care what political party the President belonged to, I would still scream out and cry for the lost of life and the lost of  such innocence. I would think to myself "Evil has arrived in front of us, whose is to blame is a distraction from the truth that we will ALL hurt from such a thing so very disrespectful to our free nation." Then later on such questions like "ARE we really a free good nation? ARE we bringing forth world peace and bettering the lives around us? For when much is given, much is expected." I wonder... that is the end of JFK's story the wonder of it all.....the unknown, the "what if's" and the HOW COULD THIS OF HAPPENED????
When I first saw this old film clip of the President's head flying off I was a teenager and I freaked out a bit wondering why would they keep on driving towards the shooter??? Seemed very crazy to me that they didn't look like they were trying to protect him as they should. THIS event is an embarrassment by all actions, just like when a family member who goes out into public attacking another same family member, embarrassing! Then rest of the family will try to blame someone else in order to not face the sad fact this is of their own blood.  Because JFK was killed this way, I have never trusted the media or the Government when they try to lead this nation along. I wish sometimes it was possible to believe in heroes as our leaders, but they killed the one guy who stood for hope and change and accountability. We can't seem to get back to someone like that ever again, we will always keep trying though I think! It is rather interesting to watch the future unfold everyday, We don't get to have all the answers and maybe our gut-reactions are wrong at times, yet in the end the good guys don't always win......but they DO carry a fire that won't ever go out!

So here we go into the next 50 years of the future, what will it say about YOU?

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