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Monday, November 4, 2013

Stinker Tinker

Whenever Tinker Belle is DONE with everyone in the house she freaks out by hissing, growling and waiting by the door to go upstairs to her very own bedroom. Now her "Daddy" thinks she's the queen of everything but I see her act up for no reason at all, Tinker the stinker is what I call her now! I never leave the house without putting Tinker put upstairs or outside simply because I KNOW how she can turn into a pissy entitled cat all of sudden against the dogs or other cats, she just gets fed up with everyone! 
Last weekend when I was gone my husband (Tinker's only really loyal fan) was alone with all the pets and he saw first hand at what kind of bully Tinker will turn into as the night grows later. As he picked me up from the airport saying instantly with such surprise "Tinker was a real bitch to everyone while you were gone! I have NEVER seen this side of her!" I looked at Tony oddly and just nodded with a chuckle. Rrrrrrright.....he has never seen this about her???
 I guess it was good for him to finally notice and stop blaming the other 2 cats for all the cat drama around our home. Once Tinker gets to her own bedroom she chills out and becomes all sweet again. She's a clever cat to have never shown her Daddy this bad side of her I guess but that just show how spoiled she is too!

When you look at Tinker, she is pure BEAUTY, but when you reach to pet her she is pure mean, it's only on her terms that she gets petted or not.
 Sometimes while sweet lazy Jazzy and I are napping on the couch Tinker will jump up to see us sleeping there then screech out some crazy cat cry and run off! 
THIS wakes Jazzy and I right up with a sudden start! (I think we look like some cartoon characters with our eyes bulge and our hair standing straight up!) Then  Jazzy hugs me a bit tighter all confused as I yell out "Goddamn it Tinker! We were asleep here! what is your problem!?!" She will swish her fluffy tale at us like she is saying "I want to nap there, so.... MOVE!" 
Ooooh I still love her of course, but she is a pain in the ass when she really wants to be! 
Since Jazzy and Lewis have never hissed or attacked me, I trust them so much more then I do Tinker right now........For she has bit me, scratch me, screamed at me and I feel like she has flipped me off a few times even! She was an adorable kitten so sweet and soft then we moved and adopted more animals so now she gets grumpy in her old age or when put to the test of sharing.

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