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Monday, December 2, 2013


       Everything is symbolic to me, connected and full of such depth. It's how I have always been but as I grow older it becomes even more important for me to listen to that voice in my head on every little emotion, on every little detail I can relate too. This brings out each and every color surrounding my life.

 I'm not out looking to be gifted, to have some kind of "calling" I just feel it this circling energies all around me, I do so love to share stories and memories while also planning ahead in creating a beautiful spot on this earth where I can just sit and watch all things come together.
Every morning I wake up with the faces of my dogs and cats on my pillow as no one really wants to get up at first, so cuddling with each one is so priceless for me as we move slowly into a new day!
As each new Christmas time comes around brings out all my old memories, I can't wait to see how time keeps getting better, new memories are just as important and the energy to live forward in bettering the world is also wonderful for this time of the year!
I see symbolic stories, I see how sharing just one smile can change the weather on a cold day, How being grateful or giving is so comforting and joyful to the soul! I'm often left in awe over all the connections, all the kindness out in the world when so often these stressful time distracts us from being centered. As much as I enjoy being around family and friends it is also very nice to take time out to be alone, some of my best thoughts or inspiration in seeing all the symbolic meaning for my life comes when I am alone! How graceful and cozy it is to have a home full of colors, of blankets and pets but how refreshing it is to also step outside and see the whole world holding us all together!
I've been browsing through all these new displays for Christmas decor in the stores, I love just looking over everything while singing along to the over head holiday music. (I can also get such new ideas on how to make my own matching decor for sometimes the prices are marked much higher then I would ever dream to purchase!)
It is the magic of this time every year that has my mind's eye wide open and my deep joy overflowing! It's even more fascinating to wonder over all the connections we share simply having a wonderful Christmas time!

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