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Monday, November 11, 2013

Calm the Soul

 Yesterday and well through out this whole sunny, warm weekend I tackled the big backyard and the front sidewalk. I raked leaves, mowed grass and shoveled out the gutters! I even got my husband Tony out to hold the latter and chop wood.....He kept saying he had to study but the fresh air did him good! I loved coming inside as the evening cooled down, for he as cooking away our yummy dinner. While I was covered in painted worn out cloths with a sweaty dirty face. It was such a good good day as I transferred the compost and made pathways, it was a VERY busy and productive weekend all in all! Then we sat around our fire pit Saturday night burning up all the newly gathered brush, even last night I stood on my patio impressed that these Christmas lights made the whole place come alive!
There is a place to sit out there and calm the soul from all of my "to do" lists! Life is beautiful when the work is done, Life is magical when the holidays arrive and most importantly life is cozy when the soul can rest!

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