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Friday, November 1, 2013

My 4th "Dog"

 It came to me that something was very different about this cat, I helped walked the dogs of a animal rescue thinking this beautiful skinny cat ran with 10 other small dogs outside then arriving on my lap as natural and calm in her own moment of zen. My cousin Ryan was hanging out with me the whole afternoon and loved this cat also. When the owners of the rescued business said they had 13 other cats right now looking for a home, so I could just take Jazmin with me for free. and well since I did have the extra room, even cat food already setup.....YES! I did! She was PURfect and I took her into my heart instantly! Welcoming her in my home of 3 dogs and 2 other cats, it was so easy! For she was very loving and kind to everyone! Although she was very wise to stay out of the way of mean grumpy spoiled Tinker belle!
Tinker is my husband's rescue kitty they share a bond that doesn't include me. While Lewis is the cat that comes with renting this home. (Yet In just one short year I loved on him so much that now his nickname is "Momma's boy".) Jazmin walked right into this house with such loving purring and magical eyes that she became my very own cat! I often joke at her and Lewis licking each other saying "Get a room you two!" Then I laugh so much as She responses to anything I say as if we have our own understanding in chit chat.
This leaves my husband saying to me in concern over my sanity "You do know Jazzy is a CAT right? Not another person???" I shrug back at him, not caring how I look...for I am very proud of my own 4th "Dog" cat. She is very AMAZING I can't say this enough! Because she comes when she is called, replies back with many little meows to let me know she understands me. She acts like a dog, doing everything they do and being with them in or outside! She acts just like another "Pack member" in their dog world. They trust and except her as though she is one of them, I am in awe at how easy it is to have her in our everyday lives! Jazzy and me are such good friends that I am filled with so much love and laughter even at the first sight of her when I wake up! She loves to sleep at night next to Minnie, cuddling and purring the whole time or she will sleep between my feet. Her kitten playful ways will annoy my Oscar here and there but for the most part she is so laid back even letting Sweet Sidda to hump her head with no offense taken! Tinker was used to being an only cat just a few years ago, so learning to share like Jazzy makes her a bit annoyed and hissy. Every so often all 3 cats hang out together I like to think I create a good trusting home to allow this, but it's all 3 dogs and Jazzy that have a very special bond! I love it! I love her!

My husband looked alarm as Jazzy sat between Minnie and Sidda as they watched the mail man walk by from the living room window "Did that cat just BARK?!?!? It's rather creepy that she knocks on doors to come in but now she is barking!!??" I threw my head back and laughed so proud of my newest girl in my family! 

She truly is a magical cat I'm telling ya!

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