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Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Halloween Cat

    When it comes to my black cat he likes to come and go when he wants, he stays smart out in the front of yard or walking down the sidewalk. Yet on Halloween night I set him up in the guest bed early and safe. He gets lots of loves of course! He loves his brush, his own water dish and blanket. At night he comes to cuddle just with me laying around my head on the pillow purring I wake up to mumble to him and smile. He is a huge sweetheart with me! I will admit to spoiling him and pampering him so much that is probably why he really really likes me more and more!

    Ever since I started sharing a home with Lewis, I would race out into storms or in the middle of the night if there was a cat fight to find him. He loved it! I've even  step between him and other cats or other neighborhood dogs so he feels very safe I think when he sees me. He comes in every night knowing my arms are always there! It's rather funny how he doesn't like my husband at all but he sure adores me!
When my neighbor Bernice commented one day "Lou sure got fat after you took over his care, and he lets me pet him even more now."
 I smiled so big and so proud because my Halloween cat has decorated my life so much that I am rather very very lucky to have him!

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