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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

With Grace in Your Heart

        There is that magical moment when I meet a dog, Because in their eyes I see that spark, the evidence  of another living soul before me. 
Just because a dog can't say words in my own language, I can still hear them. They feel, they need and they trust, dogs have to form packs much like forming a family because they need a place of safety in this big confusing world.
There is comfort for me in looking into a dog's eyes, you can tell so much in a fleeting moment. I am in awe over the fact that I am not alone when it's just me and my dog!

There is comfort to me in chatting away my life stories to my best buddy on his four furry legs walking along side me. The sound of my voice is his guide to calm down or stay alert, he can't tell me such details of his own life but for his world THIS moment is where he is living. 
He only cares about right now, about staying loyal, surviving unto the next day and getting the job before him finished before bed. Where as I was wander back in time through my memories as we walk and talk. I plan ahead for the next day or week, I feel my emotions rolling around inside of me before I decide to calm down and simply BE in this moment of right now with my dog.
There is a place I go that is so beautiful, so full of love when I meet a dog. When I see that spark in their eyes and feel their sweeping tales, touch their fur and lean into their fuzzy ears. I feel the question inside me grow as I meet a new dog asking...
                 "Who are You?" 
There is a connection for me in that I was meant to meet, to protect and help.
There is a strength in me that also comes alive when meeting a dog, it is called "The Pack Leader" when I come on the scene of these dogs lives I am now in a roll of authority, of respect and of seeking the greater good for every single soul surrounding me.
    I am the pack leader who gets the big picture and the job requirements setup for everyone in the group. Most dogs do not want this 24 hour job title, when I come on the scene with the promise to protect and care for them the behavior problems usually melt away and the dog naps on my lap so grateful over how I am the watchful guard.
I have watched alpha dogs loose their cool, loose their calm confidence then the rest of the pack will stop trusting that leader over the crazy moment. So I vowed when my puppy came into my life that I would no longer let my temper win over for displays of craziness or out of control emotions. There are a pair of dog's magical sparkling eyes on me, I better live up to the job at hand. Being the pack leader I have learned to always think of others first, to make sure food never runs out, water is always fresh and the safety of my backyard is where I go to stand still watching over everything. I don't fill my tongue with empty commands, I don't try to control where the dog will go and I know if I need them with me then I must be the one to go to them and bring them back into my home.
I enjoy my life in this position and responsibility, never putting a time frame on how fast my dog should be trained, or how long he could nap.
As the pack leader I only say my command once then wait to see if the dog heard me, then if need be I get right up on my dog looking him in the eye again to see if he understood my command, there is no anger EVER, there is no offense, there is no punishment, there is no need to prove ANYTHING for 
I AM the strong calm confident leader. Hopefully if my dogs like me then they will return, they will want to listen and they calmly follow through. 
So they nap on my pillow, they snuggle in my arms, they lay on my feet and they come when I call.  I will remember my full time job in caring over them, always!

 My heart is so full, my words are always said with Love and I am grateful, to meet a new dog with grace in their hearts.

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