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Sunday, September 1, 2013

3 Things about me

When my husband said "There are 3 things about you that you look for in every home." I chuckled back at him shaking my head knowing he was probably right!
This past July we spent a few weeks by the ocean in a cottage with our dogs. One of the most magical times in my whole life and yet one of the saddest because I was in the midst of grieving for my best friend. Looking back I can see how it helped heal me and get away from everything else in my life.  The first step into the home I comment "Where are all the hooks? What kind of a home doesn't have a single hook in it?" My husband burst out laughing at me as though hooks were the sign of a good place.
When my husband and I drank hard lemon aid on our patio, our dog Minnie was trying to eat the newly ripen Tomatoes in front of us so I comment "I need to fence that off from her or she'll clean the whole plant!" My husband burst out laughing again.
 When I organized my husband's office for his returning law school classes I commented "I need some book shelves here and then fun book shelves up here on this wall with a soft study chair then it would be a PERFECT study room!" My husband chuckled shaking his head at me explaining "You have 3 things that are always coming up again and again as your idea of a perfect looking home!" I replied back "WELL it's all apart of my creativity, I always build UP not OUT." My husband listed these 3 things saying "SO if any home has these things you are impressed instantly! I think it's cute is all!"

HOOKS; I think it's classy to never let anything fall to the floor, even used clothes should be put in the hamper or on a hook. Hooks are AMAZING! You have decorate a wall instantly with all your sweaters or hats or scarfs...Hooks help organize a small pace. Even with side by side hooks there is less space wasted, I like how high you can put hooks when shelving would have been out of place there.

FENCES; Life is made easy with fences for all the animals and for the garden to have something to grow up on. I love little cute fencing to all the big wall private sizes. It is important to me once i discovered the wonders of a good fence that I won't go back to wide open land when watching or training dogs. A fence inside another fence has been a design I drew up for my perfect setup in gardening and living with animals. My husband likes to make fun of me for this often but in my mind's eye it's a perfect calm safe place, my beautiful fence!

BOOK SHELVES; My world was changed forever when I bought my first bookshelf, suddenly up the wall in organized fashion all my things were displayed. I was sharing a bedroom with my sister so that book shelf opened up my floor space and I loved it all so much! Even a vase of fresh flowers with a few books titled against it made me so very proud of my own small space growing up.

 These 3 things about me are some of my favorite hobby times. Life moves on quickly so to racing through the home to hang a shirt or toss the purse on the book shelf and let the dogs out on their own in the fenced in backyard as I change to go back out again, I think to myself these hooks, those book shelves and that fence makes my life so wonderfully peaceful EVEN when really busy.
And that's what is very important to me, making my life beautiful even in chaos or craziness!

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