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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Scarecrow

When it comes to a commercial that gives me such Chills, I usually watch it over and over again to discover all the layers of information and purpose. My cousin Henry sent this to my facebook wall and I almost burst into tears at the sight of those cows eyes! 
Also I am deathly afraid of crows so that seems PERFECT they are evil beings and this greed I've thinking about lately surfaces again!
Everything is so amazingly connected, THIS commercial is so BEAUTIFUL, and so RAW. It brings up so many social issues and the manipulation of those more powerful. Our quality of life depends on if we can see this message before it's to late, before we die young from such processed foods. In the last few years I have had so many friends die so young, no one over 60 actually, even my own mother had stroke that left her paralyzed and blind before she was 55. THESE numbers are REAL, the pain is so amazing to me in how all of this is coming full circle! I am becoming the scarecrow with an endless sad face, I hold the secret for hope and good health out in my own hands whispering to others "Please, please listen to is the day to change and be made healthy again!" I don't want to be all alone in my old age, yet if I live far away from the norm of society I have already made that choice. In my arms all of nature will have a good life, will be my companions. If I don't get sick this winter that will mark 3 years straight and I know why, I know how and I feel like it's time to speak up a bit louder and say "Please stop eating all this shit those evil crows are making!" I wish for every soul to live fully long into this history!

...and to share in my PURE IMAGINATION

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