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Thursday, September 5, 2013

20 %

It was raining as the car drove down the street to my cozy warm cottage, My best friend Benny and her husband Matt were driving me home from such a fun afternoon hanging out. I liked relaxing in the back seat I am always the main driver so it was fun to look around my fairly new neighborhood. I said to my very close friends "So I guess Tony is only at 20 % of being happy right now...." They burst out laughing for a good 5 minuets together. As is in so many stories of my husband such deep laughter follows. I chuckled while explaining "It is rather odd to me that ANYONE would put a % sign to such an emotion as happiness! Leave it to Tony to come up with that!" Benny wiped the laughter tears from her eyes asking "Why in the world would he pick only 20 %!?!?" Matt was still laughing as he listened commenting "Oh that guy! That guy is always so funny!" I smiled explaining "So the other night our pets are sleeping, the house is warm and cozy I made peppermint hot tea by our chairs as we were reading our own books in the soft glowing lamp along with fuzzy sweaters and blankets everyone was in for the night so he says "I'm really only 20 % right now." I am like coming back out of reading my book in our perfect peaceful home with a questioning look at him. I ask Tony who seems ready to talk for awhile "20 % of what are you?" He sets his book down and sips his tea....MIND YOU the house is PERFECT looking, even the animals are deeply asleep! We had dinner and now we are relaxing over our books! He says "I am only 20 % happy right now." I freaked out at him explaining "What the hell!?!?!? we live in such an amazing place! we have such well trained lazy dogs and a kitchen full of food? With blankets and pillows, a paid off car and a 5 minuet drive to your office? How could you NOT be 100% happy ALL the time!?!?!?" Benny added "He has YOU in his life everyday HELLO....that alone should have him 110% happy!" I chuckled shaking my head "He explained how all those things were nice but not what makes him happy, He wants to be something, have a career and know a trait. He wants to not owe any one any money at all and have nice things. which I said is all well and fine but happiness comes to you from your state of mind and the story you tell yourself." Matt and Benny were still chuckling as we parked in front of my adorable little cottage and I continued "The way Tony adds up happiness % is super confusing! Right now he is only 20% happy but if I make his usual cocktail so when he walks in the door from work he can sit down and relax, he then says "Oh wow thanks Babe I am now at 25 %." Benny and Matt burst out laughing again as I waved my hands up in the air "I am living in a percentage world right now! Everything is 5 to 10 % more or less in our conversations! He just says things like "still 20 %" or "Maybe reaching 30%" I am like Oooookay..........How the hell can anyone put a % on
happiness?!?!" Benny hugged me goodbye explaining "Apparently Tony has discovered his own charting system." Then Matt burst out laughing as they drove away I felt the rain on my face thinking this 20 % of being happy makes me even a bit more happy just thinking about it!

Last night my husband said to me in the darkness of night "I am at the 22 or 23% mark in happiness right now." I groaned into my pillow then laughed for at least 10 minuets if Benny is looking down from heaven then she just burst out laughing along side me!

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