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Friday, September 6, 2013

100 %

My husband began with a clear cut statement that got my mind rolling on the topic once again, He said "I couldn't live with someone who was 100% happy all the time, it would be so annoying!" I mumbled back "I use to be 100% happy all the time." He glanced over at me nodding in amused agreement saying "AND you were very obnoxious I remember!" I chuckled shaking my head at him as I explained back "WELL I would LOVE to live with someone who was 100% happy! It's impossible to last but it would be really nice to just BE HAPPY all around!" my husband shrugged saying back at me "It's not healthy to let anything be 100% of your emotions, it's good to balance everything and know how life may have it's ups and downs but you can be the same. Like my 23% happiness right now, keeps me calm and steady." I snorted back in my laughter "AGAIN with that 23%!?!"
I was left to my own thoughts over how I can remember being 100% happy, it was very possible for me to obtain I remember like it was yesterday! ......and maybe it was!

Oscar and I were walking on that warm morning in soft glowing sun light, he was my new puppy and I was impressed by all of nature surrounding us yet so close to the city, this was Ann Morrison Park in the spring of 2007 facing Boise Idaho comfortably hugged by the amazing foothills. I saw birds flew by and dark trees move in the fresh air breeze. I heard ducks splashing in the pound and I saw magic everywhere for I was 100% happy!
I drank my black coffee and held the long black leash of my energized puppy as we walked for miles across green fields to edge of the Boise River. We strolled by the library, the college and turned around again. We sat on a bench watching a garden snake head back into the cat tales of the small creek that took us all the way back around to our car. This was how most mornings were in my life after getting a new puppy, this is why I believe no one can make us happier then loving a dog!
Those magical scenes in my young life were of how I had found my saving grace and deep purpose for my soul, I had all the happiness I ever knew possible! 

Sometime seeking out a percentage of how happy you could be is wasting the precious time of right now when you might possibly could be simply....HAPPY!

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