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Thursday, September 19, 2013

2 Things about me

First thing about me is; 
   That I don't use make-up, don't like it mostly, but also I put coconut oil after each shower finding my skin to grow healthier then ever before so no need to put fake colors on my eyes YET I do collect a rainbow of colors in finger nail polish! It's fun and colorful to have decorated nails!
I also love the summer time heat to show off all my painted "little Piggies" while wearing sandals. For I simply feel more girlie in all my nail polish choices!
Second thing about me is;
 I look forward to my monthly massages, it is a time to rest, to calm my breathing and simply think about my body's energy and balance. I often feel like a massage is like "Downloading all of the body's data" much like a computer turning it off to cool down or to refocus, helps keep all the connections sharp. I have been surprised by the shooting pain in my legs or feet that never seemed to bother me before until the massage worked out those hidden pains. Once everything is released from the session to work again.  This is my magical healing time to rest with soft music, in my creamy skin against the soft tall bed with the smell of lavender in the air!

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