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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


There is such comfort in being connected to other people, to all the animals and especially to the earth. Stones and crystals have an endless amount of information, just like the stars hold such energy and history! It is rather amazing to me in getting to know these things deeper, in feeling connected to all things while understanding how change comes along so life in all I have learned, in all I have been through reveals a sort of magical feeling inside of me that is guiding me into the future. I have a sense I am not alone, but I am not able to answer why or how can I know this for sure.....I think it is comforting to have hope, to have endless love for all things and simply be connected. At least for the stories I can choose to tell myself, sometimes shit happens that I can not change or make into a better story with my ever so desired "Happy ending" yet I can simply live each day in my own hope and peace of mind. I feel like lately as I have been scanning ahead I have been informed and advised in these guiding ways of the ever so untouchable and magical spiritual world before me! I would love to see only beauty and only things that sparkle in my time but sadness and pain comes to make these choices I make everyday to be a happier, stronger me worth it! I will not be sucked into the self-pity darkness of other side to life....for I am neither a victim or villain, I am a survivor.
I am tear drops in the final goodbyes, I am the laughter on the playground swinging high into the sky, I am the hug and healer when falling down cause my skin to bleed. I am the braveness when danger unfolds and the wise guiding advice when something big is coming, when a storm attacks I know I have been through this before.....I am me in all things, learning and living with such grace that gives me hope into tomorrow!

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