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Friday, September 20, 2013

All things are connected

    There is a magical world of stones and crystals hidden all over this earth, these riches can bring out the good in all of the earth's energy or create a deadly sense of greed in self-superiority of obtaining them.
There is something to behold looking into the heart of any jewel, and holding all the different types of stones in your own hand. I am a temperature reacting person, I am connected to all of my emotional reactions and warning voice in my head. It's not possible for me to chat daily with those who have died, instead I see them when I fall asleep and connect the dots later on in my life over what they said or meant to me. Seeking out the wonders of the stars and how we are born under them is to what jewel describes us so perfectly and to what share energies we all have with others also born in our time. I like to see the mystery and open the door to new information. The Zodiac signs tell the exact stories in the bible word for word in some cases, the bible started out being the first step into spiritual guidance back in my young life and now I can respect it better as I grow older.
I chose a stone the other day of a whim, then later realized I am ALWAYS going to lean first to red then purple (As my choices in comforting colors) 
Lately all things green in the stores has me reaching for them in curiosity and this could mean I need a fresh start, a new growth of color in my life to let go of the past. 
However my Red Jasper that I purchased was comforting me in my hand, it's a nurturing mothering stone and I'm drawn to it's beauty, drawn to the idea I can now be nurturing to others as well.....
There is magical world of knowledge in stones, I am delighted to keep learning more and more about them not just admiring from a far!
We all have stories and connections following our time alive for such energy can create AMAZING beauty or sad comes from what we know and how we feel in the end.

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