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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Four Seasons of the Earth

               It is a beautiful world to watch change in 4 seasons as all things come and go, it is like butterfly fairies are flying over nature and changing it over to the next magical scenes of a new stage in circle of life, in the four seasons.
   I've been watching all the changes here and there as fall becomes our golden colors and cozy comfort against the soon to be icy cold! Nothing can stay the same. That is all I can grasp as I live my life  thinking how changed I am as well. 
  I started out in the first of June in fresh warm soil, pulling little weeds and setting up water hoses with so many plans ahead, then yesterday I was racking out big weeds and gathering up tools, putting away my pots. 
 Nothing can stay the same long, not even my beloved bright summer sunshine! I embrace this fall with my worn soft sweaters....I am forever changed wishing the fairies would sit awhile before racing to the next season of life.

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