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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Believe - A 9/11 Tribute

Sometimes it's hard to remember such a historic sad fearful moment, when everyone says "Never Forget" on this date year after year I wonder what do they mean?
because we hurt when we remember, AND we have done this very same thing to many other countries. I feel America is only beginning to realize as a hugely consuming nation we can't live in this greedy way forever, what happens to us is no different to what can happen to another country. We are simply like everyone else who wants food, water and shelter. We are like the rest of the whole world who also love their families and try to make sense of faith, of right and wrong.....
Sometimes I feel like deep down world peace is a nice dream that can't ever be heaven it might not even be a real thing to ever have existed.
I believe LOVE is by far the only energy that heal or fix these problems.....Today only 12 years ago we saw such an event of crazy drama unfold, the healing stories of how love helped out and people came to each others rescue are the ones I will "Never Forget" but I will like to avoid thinking about how all our nation's secrets and evil actions brought about this life changing event. It was such a sad day to know instantly in my heart and soul that America was getting their pay back in such a horrible way, it's not right for the innocent loved ones to suffer they are not playing this game of thrones, of strong countries and deep wealth. For the rest of us alive to live in fear or worry to what end will all of this come is not right. This memory will go into history and eventually will be understood from the whole picture of another generation who studies it better and with all the facts. I can only feel my way through to even begin to understand is with all of life, we are not meant to know our own fate, our own life story. From our nation's sadness, struggling with our shame and owning up to the blame, this date can be remember in creating a new story of love, hope and kindness for you never know when you will live through something like this again......SO be brave and be there for the people around you, Evil men have no power over LOVE.

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