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Saturday, September 14, 2013


           Anonymous is a mask of secrets, a hidden group in society that makes it a point to fight back and give way to judgement on the powers that be.
It amazes me that nothing ever really changes from history into the future.....
Secret societies have agendas and policies, plans in motion. Always.
They also have rules and reasons as to why they are apart of such a big secret.
I am often fascinated by such peoples.

It's a wonder to me of all the people in this huge world, that someone, somewhere, is apart of something big or something secret. The first time I watched "V for Vendetta" this mask sent that clear statement of both bravery and rebellion, I was so inspired!
 I suppose now seeing this mask everywhere in most protesters and marching groups, we want to have such a revolution, a fight for freedom's rights yet we've all been here before, time and again there are secret battles. It feels endless really, even though I enjoy those familiar faces all sharing a common goal to fight or stand up for what they think is right. It's the cycle of seasons, the rise and fall of governments, the most common of all these battles is the people verse greed. That makes it much harder to blame who is right or wrong when each individual has this battling inside of them, greed is the desire of things to obtain and brag up the human ego. There is not one of us safe from such a spiritual fight inside us. When we choose sides in a war, we feel like or believe deeply that we picked the right side to fight for.....When we lead others to safety or to create a new society the power of control and order grows. When we struggle over right and wrong we want to be so sure and so confident in knowing the differences that we loose the mystery in just being alive. I want to be Anonymous, with nothing to prove over who I am.....These struggles of my own ego wear me out! I have learned when I decide "No more feeding my ego." I feel instantly proud that I can even see that I have an ego! So the ego feeds off of me again!!! It is a endless battle like that against greed over ALL of the world too! Because we carry the potential to suddenly be very greedy inside each and every one of us. We carry the ego as it tell us how important we are, how beautiful we are and how we SHOULD be respected. What I want is to break free of all the social norms and requirements to survive, I want to just BE. 
Life is often throwing me on the side of a victim or a villain, I am often battling through all my alerts and alarms in what is a government's ideal roll or what is the call of the people to do??? Why does one have to always be right or wrong? I want to Anonymous, really that means no one will remember my name.

AND that is quite alright with me, it's like a peaceful lake where I go to sit and breath again, letting go of the endless struggles outside and in. Someone else can try to answer all of those nagging questions, someone else can save the world. I've been letting my ego get in the way of finding myself one of those Amazing looking masks!

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