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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Television

The Television and I have had our battles, my husband loves it and I hate it....actually I don't hate it, I dislike it. It is rather hard for me to explain all the reasons why, today's world feels distracting enough without all the reality shows or weight lost stories. I am not out to attack Television at all! Please don't get me wrong here, I will never actually hate TV for all it has given me in memories, in education and in being able to "fit in" with a smirk from "Seinfeld" or a long practiced speech from "Frasier", Without TV what would we chat about at work? How would we all laugh out loud not knowing what was so funny from the show? I owe so much to television in my over all awareness in society. TV was the only outside still very guarded thing in my home growing up, My mother was afraid of it and my father never sat down without it on. I learned about all the old classic shows watching day time re-runs growing up in the 80's and 90's. It helped me see a world out there that my parents never brought into our home. I really honestly look back in awe that a simple thing as noisy and annoying as the TV gave me a better education then those text books on my desk. 
We have a Television in our new place right now. We are reminiscing down memory lane by watching all the episodes in order of the sitcom "The Wonder Years" and I am LOVING it! I like how each show and ending is so thought provoking or calming, leaving you feeling good to have watched it!
(They don't make TV like that anymore)
Of course I wasn't allowed to watch that show as a kid back when it first aired, so naturally in my first apartment I used that place like a time machine finding all of  "The wonders years" and watching them until I was ready to rejoin society again knowing the show very well. 
Television was a very important part of my home growing up, it was always on when my father got home, then there were those Sunday nights made extra special with bowls of popcorn or ice cream from my parents while watching back to back  shows like "Nature" then "Masterpiece Theater". 
(Those are some of  my most happiest memories with all of us zoned out in front of that screen.)
Soooooo see I don't hate the TV, I can't just walk away from it like I never knew it was there. I owe it so much in bringing me through such good moments and memories......BUT I can see it for what it is, as an escape to our REAL lives, a distraction to what we really should be doing or avoiding simply living. It isn't the Television, it isn't the way it has changed or how people use it. I would go crazy if each room had a TV in my home, I think it has to do more about the person, then with the kind of shows on TV.  People like to blame or find fault with things like TV, when actually it comes back to US and how we choose to spend our time in this life, WE are the ones who need to learn how to see the story for ourselves by turning it on or off............

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