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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Moving on up!

               The time has come for me to share how we will be moving out of this this cottage, It's going to be a great new adventure! Renting this place a year ago was like a dream come true and I finally felt home for the very first time my whole life. I can still remember how the fire pit glowed all around me on the fourth of July our very first night and I ran through the whole backyard naked at the stroke mid-night to the chuckles of my husband Tony as I felt like I was flying free in all that open fresh air! How my dogs ran circles off the leash, How my Oscar sat in the far back of the yard watching everything still and poised for hours in the hot summer afternoons. Him and Sidda were thrilled over the first water flooding in the backyard that they ran frenzy through those inches of water! I will remember Always my dancing on the patio that helped me heal from the sudden stress I went under over my mother's stroke that happened a couple of weeks just after we had moved in. I will remember this cottage and huge backyard in all the ways that are truly BEAUTIFUL!
Like when I was trying to save those chickens in my front yard from stray dogs, or how my own Oscar almost ate our soon-to-be landlord Alex's favorite white chicken! (How surprised I was that a dog of mine would ever try to do such a thing!) I will always laugh fully in recalling when I got to take care of  those same chickens for a week in January only to have them follow me in a such sudden manner that was truly surprising! I would say out loud to them "Okay Ladies now you are freaking me out! Go on now......" But they knew I loved them, they knew I would feed them. It's easier for me to be befriend animals then people, to trust animals and pets instantly while wondering how to do the same for people...I still try to connect to people but I relax instantly in a conversation with a chicken far faster. (I see them, and they see me)
My neighbor Bernice has filled me in over the history of the neighborhood, her lovely garden next door gave me such a sense of peace when I laid down next to it to look up at the stars, I would look up in hope or in tears of such horrible summer but at least I had my home, my safe place to hide away during it all! When I told my husband Tony we had to move I had tried not to tell him right away as it was his birthday, although I burst into tears when he said my garden seeds were coming along....."Oh noooo my garden!" my thought hit me and I burst into tears now having to explain it all to ol' Tone as I reached for that new bottle of gin! 
When sharing with my neighbors that we were moving out, (Our landlords have to move back in) the hardest part was realizing I was leaving my dearest friend Bernice but knowing I would still come to check in on her as often as possible. Then the offer to move next door from our other neighbor Alex surprised me completely and thrilled Tony instantly, made Bernice laugh, jump up and hug me while saying in her adorable way "How wonderful that will all be!"  
Now I step back looking at my life in a new sense of awe, we are actually moving on up in the world with a bigger place on the very same street! I will get to have my own chickens, get to garden away under those same spiritual trees above my head! 
I looked at them yesterday morning in the wind storm, those big beautiful protecting trees and said "I already know you! I was MEANT to be here once again I feel it and believe it...right here, right now. It's just me as I should be, looking up at your beauty!" Then the trees nodded a moment down in the wind as I smiled back up at them thinking over all the funny stories in living my life! THIS is one of them moving in  next door....Loving my neighbors, growing a garden and feeling the sky all around me! One day soon I will climb up in those trees hanging over me and sit a while longer in their world, in our world.

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