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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ALL dogs go to Heaven.

It's a rather ridiculous topic to me this question of "Do dogs get into heaven with us?" And maybe it is ridiculous to me because I asked that question when I was only 9 years old falling in love with my Uncle's dogs....I found the answer young in my life to know now simply.......why yes, OF COURSE they do! (Why couldn't anyone have answered me like that without hesitation or second guessing I was just a kid who never got a straight answer or it was rather dark to hear unless dogs can ask Jesus in their hearts then NOPE...
WHO could EVER say that to a KID???? 
Although people said it me and I was a kid back then.....SAD!
I can honestly say that I know in my heaven awaits every creature full of love and friendship, it's magical heaven after all,so why not!?!?
ALL dogs go to Heaven or create a sense of heaven with you.
I guess some people would disagree with me but then again WHY would you want to argue against who can come into Heaven????
See! completely ridiculous topic and question! Although most children ask this question in hopes to hear that yes their childhood best friend and loyal canine will great them at those pearly gates!
Then give that questioning child the gift of hope and of loving comfort by just simply saying "YES! For every creature will follow you my dear, where ever you shall go!"

I picture Jesus greeting me into Heaven like a Wal-mart employee; "Welcome Debby RenA I mean Renee'.....We have donuts and coffee over here oh wait you don't eat donuts much any more huh?" I stare in shock at him (well because IT'S JESUS...Geeeeezus!)
"Debby? Are you okay? You just died and this is.." He looks around to make sure for himself "...Heaven....You do know who I am right?" I stare in shock more and swallow hard. Jesus sighs like this happens way to much for him in working these hours of eternity. "Like I said you would enjoy a cup of coffee no doubt....." Jesus hands me a cup then walks and talks like a glowing star in the dark sky, explaining how all of heaven has to offer me in my stay, but I find my voice small like a little girl again "Are all of my dogs here? Did they get into heaven???" How odd to sound hopefully shaky to myself which surprises both Jesus and me. Then sadly a big huge bible appears as Jesus reads for proof of what to say next "Nope sorry Debster...or do you prefer Little Dee? but looks like dogs can't come here....who really wants to step into doggie poo in Heaven anyways?" I freeze in sudden awareness now, it's just like they had said back on earth and I refused to believe it! So I kindly set my coffee cup down, give Jesus a respectful nod of thanks for the info and then bolt for the gap in those gates explaining as I slide on through "Well then this place is NOT for me!!!! I'll take the job as a guardian angel to a nearby dog park, thank you and goodbye!" Jesus shrugs and moves on while I sigh in peace hoovering around my cute little furry puppies! I picture this with a proud smile.....

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