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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The PRIDE protest

I was moving swiftly through the rush of customers in Starbucks downtown Boise, I flipped my keys around, lifted heavy boxes of supplies and rotated the coffee machine. I called out names for breaks and took their spot as we zipped through the usual Saturday morning crowd. This was one of those perfect job for me to stay busy, while also creatively being myself in goofiness! I realize the morning rush for coffee was busier then usual with more people dressed up in rainbows and laughter as they order beverages. I loved working in this location feeling a sense of community, knowing all my regular every day customers and seeing events unfold in the city. This morning I happened to wait on some old friends from my past life time, from my old church. It was odd to see them suddenly in front of me, I was cheerfully out going as they were not sure how to order. I smiled to myself for where I come from there isn't a Starbucks close by, I usually tried not to mention my days in church since it really felt like old history, truly since my life become full of rainbows and butterflies, none of which was going to hell. The plus side to my argument against organized religion, without the fear of hell or misunderstanding on what is sin then you become a very free happy person. I was surprised at how truly relaxed and casual I felt in myself while visiting with these straight faced old kinda friends, "How are you guys!? Wow! It's been years! You are looking good too!" I gusted and glided around my register in front of them. "So what brings y'all into Boise?" I asked writing down the sides of the cups, They leaned into my counter more to reply "WE came to fight against darkness and SIN....for w held a prayer protest and visual against the...the GAYS!" I froze in action and stared at them in true shock. "Don't flip out Debby." Was what I felt inside my head, suddenly I knew why I hadn't seen these people in years, I remembered with shame that I use to pray for the gays before I even understood what that was.....I suddenly felt my smile stiffen and my back straighten as I replied extremely happily "Oh WOW! Now it all makes sense! My drag queen friends just stopped in for coffee and I was like wonder what they are all doing here! So there is a gay rally then? I bet it was BEAUTIFUL!" They snapped and hissed in the same ways my mother did on this topic. I was now looking past them as they freaked out on me. "It's so sad what our state has become! Since when do we let such people into our towns and homes, God is truly ashamed and mark my words he will punish them! It's only going to get worse if we don't come together in prayer and share Christ's salvation!" I stopped listening after what felt like forever it was all so familiar, they were fired up in preaching at me, I felt sad and mad all at the same time reminding me of where I came from and how I know without a shadow of a doubt I will never ever go back. I interrupted them with a cheerful reply of how I completely disagree. "It's been odd to see you guys, glad y'all look well but I must change the subject in that I disagree, for I live my life with only love now.....enjoy those drinks!" I zip out of sight to hide in my office and cool down. It's easy for me to think of "going to war" in honor of my LGBT Friends, getting mad at people who hate is like trying to drown your own self when you know how to swim just fine. I loved the pride parade today and all the beautiful happy peoples! People may protest, may bully or preach......but I have learned to just live my life with rainbows EVERYDAY!

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  1. I admire your courage. It takes a strong person to face former friends after such a transformation for the better. If you made it having come from such a place, then we can only hope that they can too! I hate that "hate the sin, love the sinner" bullshit. People who say that are coming from a place, from an attitude of sin. Hardly the fertile soil that encourages spiritual growth!! <3