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Friday, June 8, 2012

Zoo Boise

My life is full of wonderful things, beautiful people and many good laughs! I got to look after a friend's kid for a few days just last week, and we had a blast! Starting out at 9am right when the gates opened at the zoo! It was like being a VIP! We ran all over the place with no one else around then by 11am it was so crowded we were annoyed by all the noise. The kid Joshua I was caring for was the funniest boy when he said "People are so in our way....we were here first ya know." I chuckled yes I did know and was glad to head to McDonald's at noon. When Joshua told my neighbor Bernice that is it up to his M. O. M. we both just looked at him unsure of what he was saying then I die laughing at his gangster ways of talking, Bernice was giggling too, while her and Josh became friends instantly. THIS kid was 6 going on 16, I always enjoy and chill around kids much like my pets they are just living in the moment of NOW. I truly enjoyed a refreshing time, this happy fun world of magical things we could do as the kids we both are!

Joshua stated over ice water from our walk back after swinging "I don't get in trouble here like I do at home." I nodded understanding completely what he meant as I replied "Well my list of do's and don'ts are very simple. Don't hurt the dogs, don't say mean things, and most importantly don't hurt yourself....then we are GOOD. It's easy to be good, people don't realize this very often." He smiled big and nodded to my list saying he liked those rules too! and I laughed again, I pretty much laughed through our whole time together!

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