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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Macks Fruit Stand

I was washing silverware as the church potluck unfolded one Sunday afternoon, I had asked once why I was always told to do this job. Those older ladies said no one else could get help from other people like I did. But I honestly hated asking my friends to stop visiting or playing outside in order to wash by hand forks and spoons. While we worked we would sing fun camp songs. ( That was my most favorite time singing with my friends.) It was at a moment like this when a mother of one of my friends, told me she found the perfect job for me. I stopped to look at her with a thoughtful smile. She was an outgoing lady who was always looking out for everyone. She had found me a job even though it was the last thing I wanted so I just smiled. My last job had a sexual harassment memory scaring me from the public all together,or at least for 5 months. "Okay thanks, I will look into it." I said not motivated at all as she explained. "You would love it! It's at a fruit stand store....since you know so much about apples from your own farm I thought it would be a perfect fit!" I nodded back at her as I towel dried the silverware I asked "What was it called again?" She smiled happily in reply "Mack's Fruit Stand, you might know it best by the big pinto beans sign. I use to work there. And it's just outside of town." I realized I knew the place. I knew it very well. My mom was always bringing home boxes of yogurt from there, and over the years we had sold our peaches to the owner Larry. "I know it, when I am there next time I will apply." I sighed with dread knowing I needed a job but I was still jaded by the last one at the same time.

My Mom was pushing me out of the car, "Come on Debby, don't be scared!" I felt like crying because I was terrified thinking of getting a job. I walked bravely inside the big wide open shop, through the plastic flaps that hung from the garage doors. In the center of the fruit stand were the registers sat surrounded by displays of veggies and fruits along with the humming motor sound of the milk case in the very back of the store. The mini rows of shelves with canned goodies displayed in the middle of the store. There was a pallet full of 25 lb bags of pinto beans too. I asked the young guy working there if they were hiring he said he didn't know and hardly showed any response. I explained who sent me and who I was for a message to the owner. The high school guy smiled briefly saying that Larry was his dad. And I left feeling unsure if I wanted to work there. I had another job interview for a photographer position in the mall. I was thinking that job sounded like fun and financially smart , as a 19 year old girl I just didn't know what to do.

The very next morning Larry excitedly called me in to work, I was bewildered by no interview, I was hired on the spot. He said over the phone if I could come right in, he would be so happy, he needs the help. He also knew my Grandparents, the farm and my Dad. He said he was glad I wanted to work there for he knew I was a hard worker. I thought that was funny and nice of him to say.  Everything moved so fast as I got a job 8-5 Monday through Friday.

 2 weeks later, 4 steps in the photographer job interview later they called me with that job. My mom was thrilled talking on the phone with the lady, then she explained to me that I had the job, she was almost jumping up and down handing me the phone. I was excited just like my mom. I knew I wanted to be a photographer, working in a photo shop, working at getting kids to smile for the camera. It had better pay and benefits, a corporate ladder to climb. Yet as I took the phone from my happy mother all I said was "I am sorry, but I already have a job." Mom dropped the pitch of juice she was carrying onto the counter starring at me in horror and shock, I was surprised too! I was thinking I would say "Thank you so much I will be there first thing tomorrow!" YET I did NOT say that!?!?.....I had just spent that afternoon sorting out rotting peaches from basket to basket in late summer heat. I was completely confused in my mind, shouting at myself "No no no sorry I meant YES I want THIS JOB!" I waited as the lady gasped in reply saying "You went through all the interviews and past the tests....and now you have another job?!" I replied happily "Yup, I have a job that I really like, so thank you again for accepting me but I am passing." She shot back "What kind of job if I may ask?" She sounded truly pissed off, I giggled saying "Oh, just a local fruit stand grocery store place that I enjoy." My mind was fighting against me, "Why did I say that? I have wanted this job for a long time?" She hung up quickly and Mom flew over to me freaking out "DEBBY! what have YOU DONE!?!" I stared in alarm at her. "I don't know?! WHAT have I done?! I wanted THAT job over everything else?!" I explained to Mom, who looked bewildered and walked back into kitchen starring at me as if I was a freak. I told Mom everything I was thinking then when I tried to speak the words it didn't come out! Everything I said made me ask myself "Why did I say that?!?" Mom wasn't happy with me, she kept frowning and telling me I was crazy.Yet I felt at peace, I was truly happy to still be working at Macks. I asked myself days later "Why in the world would I turn down such a good job in photography?" My mom never understood it. She was so frustrated with me, I doubt myself too. I really had to laugh at myself for not taking the job. For some reason I had no idea at the time why....I just knew deep down inside of me that I was right where God wanted me to be. I was working at Macks Fruit Stand with my weekends off and my whole life feeling complete. 
"Hey there Smiley!" an old faithful customer greeted me as I was setting up a fresh new display of apples one late morning. "Hey There! Isn't it such a BEAUTIFUL day?" I replied as he chuckle walking by for a gallon of milk he nodded back saying "I have never heard you say otherwise." I smiled big knowing that I loved my life. I felt like I belonged.

(This is the place where I met my husband a year later so maybe just maybe God did have a hand in changing my mind about what job I should take for a reason xoxoxo)

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  1. I'm certainly glad at the choice you made!! You still do photography, just only what you like and you don't have to deal with screaming brats or the MALL!!