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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

La Conner Washington

On July 5, 2008 we sat on the dock in this picture for a yummy sunny lunch. In La Conner Washington my husband Tony and I were celebrating our 5th anniversary. It just so happened to also be the wedding day of one of Tony's old friends from high school, he was even one of our groomsmen. He was getting married that same night in Anacortes. We found the most breathing taking place to stay for the weekend of the wedding  and for our own amazing romantic anniversary. This bed & breakfast was called Autumn Leaves, I would highly recommend it to anyone! I fell in love with the neighboring town to Anacortes called La Conner. In La Conner shops looked like little doll houses and I found Tony happily enjoying a pot of tea with a couple of older ladies who ran a tea room. I had walked from one side of the sidewalks to the other, buying little gifts and taking in the beautiful day! Tony and I had drove our own car to Washington, so we filled the back seat up with bags and blankets for the road trip home. Tony was able to set himself up with every tea gadget you could find. He said he had been looking for a "Brown Betty" tea pot and I picked out the red one. I thought the umbrella napkin holder was ingenious! La Conner's fruit stand had berries dirt cheap and by the time our afternoon nap came around I had eaten 3 pints of raspberries and blackberries by myself! I also had huge bag of bing cherries for like only 2 bucks! I thought my mom would LOVE this place for all the country side and the country style homes reminded me of her. In Anacortes we relaxed at the peaceful B&B in the late evening after the wedding event. The next day was both lazy and beautiful, we loved the ocean view from downtown and found an amazing Italian restaurant that reminded us of our favorite TV show "The Sopranos." That last night of our trip was sparkling, the starry sky and sizzling foods with a rich red wine and great personal service with true passion for Italian food. Il Posto Ristorante Italiano was the name of such a yummy good perfect place! So as my shawl draped off my shoulders of my soft summer black and white dress, Tony leaned into kiss me over the candle light dinner with the soft Italian music playing. He whispered "How did I get You, How did I get such a beautiful wife?" I tossed my head back with a laugh and said "The truth did I get YOU, Happy anniversary Babe!" When the dessert arrived as a complement from the chef the words Happy Anniversary decorated the plate. I knew, without a doubt, that the world was a romantic magical place to live with my soul mate, my ever best friend!

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