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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffanys

My beloved friend Tiffany and I spent many long lazy hours walking the orchards on my farm or the country side around her home. She lived 4 miles away, next to our beloved friend Rebekah's home too. Now Rebekah was next door neighbors to the Bonnells so once a week when I cleaned the Bonnells house, I got see my girlie friends too! Allen would sometimes invite Tiff and Beka with me to eat out at the Black Canyon truck stop where the homemade pies were like mountains. I loved my girls, Rebekah's sister Leah was also my very close friend. Tiffany's little sister Molly often sat on my lap laughing and talking when I visited or slept over. Those days of visiting this corner of country made me so happy! I had my true friends just a few steps away especially when I needed a brake or an escape from my own home. Rebekah was Tiffany's best friend since they were in diapers and I never wanted to brake that. Often when Tiffany talked about her boyfriend Devin, Bekah would instantly disappear. I would find her later to ask why she always ran away? Rebekah would tell me that she didn't think we should be boy crazy. I loved how smart Rebekah was, she helped me through my biology and other high school studies. She loved books and libraries, I enjoyed how different she and I were also. While I wore my emotions on my sleeve, she guarded herself with a straight face shaking her head at me in disapproval. When she did feel playful she would laugh at me and say I was good for her. When I felt serous I went to her with awe that she always knew what to do. Tiffany and I were very much alike, now this was both good and bad. As we were prone to misunderstandings and emotional out bursts at the very same time. 
It was on a fall evening walk as Tiff and I talked out in the open country side roads. I was happy to be sleeping over at her place. I gathered a selection of fallen leaves creating a fan that I carried and played with. Tiffany sighed holding onto to my arm as we walked. "Sometimes I think I couldn't live any where else!" I smiled nodding in agreement. Tiffany's home was nice, very clean and comfortable overlooking the wide open valley of farms and orchards. With privacy from the irrigation ditch in the back yard and the fenced in fields to the sides. I did agree she lived in such a beautiful place. Even with her best friend right across the street,  there were gardens growing every where!  A truly perfect place! I watched Tiffany as she looked like she could cry, her long redish brown hair swung down off her shoulders of her warm fuzzy sweater. I had on a jacket with my own long redish blond hair pulled up into a messy ponytail. "What's wrong?" I asked softly waving my leaf fan at her nose, she giggled by it and sighed again wiping a few soft tears that slid down her cheeks. "I never want to leave home. But I  know I have to, I know college will be fun.....It's just so scary not having my parents with me everywhere I will go. This is my Home, nothing can replace it." I listened quietly and thinking whenever my beloved girls talked about missing their parents I couldn't relate. I have never once said "I want my parents with me." It was hard on me that they weren't always very nice.  Tiffany continued "Then there is Devin and I am not sure..." I giggled rolling my eyes, for Tiffany kept saying she didn't know if they were meant for each other. I thought it was just to keep everyone from teasing her so much. 
I thoughtfully said "When you are ready, you can leave this place to start a whole new life with Devin! It will be so Wonderful!" I smiled big with my arms out in happiness. Tiffany began laughing at me saying "Oh, I don't know, but I do love him." Then suddenly she grabbed my arm in alarm, "Debby I said it out loud! I said...I LOVE HIM!" I frowned both confused and surprised "I know....." I replied slowly. I wasn't sure why she was freaking out, "I have never said THAT out loud before! I haven't even told my dad or my mom!" I chuckled realizing what was happening on this walk. I nodded confidently back at her "I thought you said you loved him before? or maybe I always just thought you did." I reasoned then shrugged. Tiffany squealed still grabbing onto my arm "I have been so afraid to rush into love. Now I know he is the one I love!!" I nodded replying "GOOD! He will be great for you!" I stopped to look around at the empty streets with the beautiful fall country side. "Right here. Right now. Tiffany my love, shout it out!" I waved my arms out showing the wide open valley around us. Tiffany looked around then threw her arms out shouting "I LOVE DEVIN!" I threw my leaf fan up in the air over her at the same time. I was just as excited and happy as she was! She hugged me happily, giggling. I smiled my approval saying back at her "See, now that you just told the whole world, you can face telling anyone!" I winked at her as she brushed the fall leaves out of her hair. Then she hugged me all the way back home into the calm warm sunset.

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