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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jennifer's Doll House

I was 15 years old spending the weekend in Boise about an hour away from my orchard farm home. My Beloved friend Jennifer lived in a cozy subdivision not far from the Boise river. I liked getting to stay 2 full nights with her before having to go home on Sunday. Since Jen and I went to the same church it just made sense to wait for Sunday to go home. My time with Jennifer in the beautiful city of Boise was always fun, It made me really love being there. It was on a sunny Saturday morning when Jen said she had to got practice her violin. Her family was all out so the home was quiet, I sat on the floor in her room. Jennifer hesitated "I will be a couple of hours do you want to watch TV?" I smiled thoughtfully asking "Can I play with your doll house?" She chuckled and nodded taking out her violin going down the stairs. As the whole house filled with her music, I sat in front of her doll house with such excitement. This was the most amazing of all doll houses! Each room in the doll house was wallpapered and carpeted, Jen had worked for hours on the details, she painted and glued and carefully setup each part as if it was a real home. When I saw it for the first time I dropped to my knees in awe and she pointed out everything she had just changed. The little animal dolls in dresses and aprons were small enough to walk up and down the stairs. I loved the wrap around porch and the movable doors. In a side box Jennifer created a market, a shop full of all kinds of things for the critters who lived in the doll house could go buy. I was completely amazed by all the details in the store too! I would stare at it for hours looking over every thing and taking in all of the perfection. As I played to the violin music downstairs, I was lost in this wonderful magical world. When bedroom door creaked I glanced up to see Jennifer's Dad standing there looking around confused with his curly hair that hung down his forehead as he leaned in to ask "Who are you talking to?" I sat there instantly flustered in front of the doll house. I had a split second to decide my response so I shrugged "No one, I am just playing." I smiled holding up a little animal doll proudly. He caught himself from burst out laughing as he said "Ooooh hooo Okay, I thought I heard different voices in here I was wondering who could you be talking to?" He was going to choke on trying not to laugh as I giggled saying "Well....I make all my own voices for each character." I smiled boldly I knew He was not going to hurt my feelings by laughing actually AT me, though he was trying to not laugh until he reached his bedroom. I couldn't help but laugh too. I had been so lost in my own imagination that I didn't realize I was telling the story out loud. The doll house had come to life by my touch, there was a kind of magical power drawing me into the little cozy home with little bowls of fruit and tiny cups. Those small lamps and chairs made me wish I could simply live there happily ever after. I actually was in there on that sunny Saturday afternoon in my mind. "Grandpa, I don't know how to read yet." the little girl rabbit said to the old raccoon man with bifocals. He chuckled sitting on the porch replying back "Well then I should teach you, reading is the key to learning." his voice was deep and wise. I stopped to glance up at the bedroom doorway again with my own giggle.

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