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Sunday, January 30, 2011


It was in April 2010 when we took a family vacation to 
celebrate Tony's 30th and Dad's 50th birthdays. We went to the beautiful state of California, where we stayed in a B&B in the adorable town of Healdsburg. On one of our wine tasting tours we stopped for lunch. It was at such a nice restaurant with escargot on the menu. I was very excited to try escargot! (I LOVE new things!)
They were buttery and yummy!
I loved the new flavors from escargot, It was fun to see and learn more about the passionate world of food! The snails didn't arrive in the shell or alive, I am NOT so sure I could eat them if they actually moved! YIKES!!!
Now if my food moved off my plate when I was not looking then I would think twice about actually being hungry any more! These dark round cooked snails were chewy and meaty reminding me of saute mushrooms, simply fun to try! The next chance you get, try the escargot!!! It is a fun way to think about food....Unless they start moving away when your fork goes down:-}

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  1. Oh yeah! I remember this place. Very good. We had oysters too didn't we? I'm a fan of Escargot.