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Friday, December 9, 2016

The Danish Girl

Last November a movie was release to theaters that blew me away in magical Beauty!
 It was so well done, so classy and amazing! That I think it's one of the most important films of all time!

And so in my favorite theater here in Boise, my husband took me on a real date night to The Flicks and he didn't complain once for the whole night even though he hates crowds and hates movie theaters.
I was in awe of such an incredible story shared sitting beside my husband who I hadn't been on much of date since he started law school, now that he had graduated and it was like he saw me for the first time again.
I was rather not use to him actually paying attention to me again so that night at the movies I kept looking over my shoulder as I saw him smiling towards me while I thought he saw some one he knew only to feel silly he was just happy to see me!
After this BEAUTIFUL movie about the true love in Friendship, I was delight that my husband bought some wine and we sat in the lobby by the fireplace to discuss this powerful story.

It was truly a magical night to share how much we have missed each other in struggling and trying to survive his law school years.....when he said he was so sorry, I burst into happy tears because that was all I need to hear....and just like this movie I saw ourselves in the very familiar story of one partner trying to find themselves and be honest in who they really are while the other holds steady on in hopes it can get better one the end, we are forever changed and never to return to the beginning of our life stories but we are stronger, wiser and more aware of how limited our time is on this earth, just like in this movie that I love so much, the only thing that last is honest friendship.

As winter's cold dark night had us talking and laughing again together like we had so long ago in another time and place, I said that this movie was one THE most profound story of true love!

My husband said thoughtfully and kindly as we sat warming up by the crackling fire glow  how usually he thinks stories like these can be obnoxious, but this film was so breath taking and powerful that he could watch it again, which usually he never thinks that about most movies.

A monumental moment in our lives to delight in being out together and both truly impressed by "The Danish Girl."  and the freedom in a whole new life ahead of us! 

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