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Friday, December 16, 2016

Jesus the Aries

Aries is the sign of a ram bursting forth with new life, Aries is the sign for those born in spring time which makes sense to see the metaphor of the ancient legends and stories behind the zodiac cycling wonders to the very bible stories almost word for word you see the same stories, you realize that religion, the bible and all the zealous followers for such faiths based on Jesus or eternal life match up exactly to the Astrology calendar....and once you know this, once you see the connections just like the matching yearly weather seasons you step back in awe of God or of the pure magic in it ALL!

To see Jesus as an Aries and to notice his personality bursting through the bible like a ram on fire with a passion and the quest for NEW life make me smile and nod, for the bible was written and organized by men, lots of very important rich controlling men whose intelligence had to sneak in the signs of the stars to be even more interesting.....
Women who protest these bible rules will change the future and the whole world in the end.
I grew up knowing all through my life that women played a bigger role in this universe then just what they were "allowed" to do by the I will be watching in awe of what's on the other side of that wall called "Christianity."  If Jesus ends up being a woman this whole time I will laugh out loud and smile even prouder because it's all so messed up out there in what people want their faith to be for them.......

Every day I am learning something new! I love being alive and trying to figure it all out for myself, yet sometimes something old is connected to that something new and I love that "Ah Ha!" feeling, I love that "What in the world?!?" feeling too! I would have to say my favorite moment is when the feeling of "Whoa, this is bigger then anything I could ever imagine."  

As a woman with a will to speak out, I know that I will never know for sure and that is the biggest question of all......I just chip away at the judgement, at the control and at the wall that is religion. 
Come spring Jesus will rise again and bring forth new life, or Aries will rise with the birth of new earth!

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