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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Courage Question

Lately I've been wondering if Courage and being Brave are the same thing?

It's an interesting thing to think about as we live in a crazy weird world, or maybe I am the crazy weird person and the world is the normal one?
I suppose I have always lived to the beat of my own drum, as I grow older that drumming sounds louder then usual and maybe it's the quiet earth of freshly added snow that makes me feel oddly out of place?
Jon Katz just wrote a bit on Courage in this LINK.
 My home is so lovely with snow surrounding it right now and I decorated with lights this year that pop out and welcome you in the early darkness of the days in crazy cold winter.
I am feeling like my new word for the new year should be Courage.
and I am not sure why.......This past year's word was Joy! and it helped me through some crazy moments as I counted it all Joy!
The journey ahead will need courage, I have been enjoying each word I choose to celebrate over the last 3 or 4 years now.
Looking back I see how the word applied and helped keep me focus on such things to work on in my self.
I know I have said "That I am the romance, I am the love in living my life as I go along, where as no one else can be responsible for those things in my life except for me."

Now I think courage is needed next.

It takes courage to face the future, to be real and authentic. To master myself in who I am aside from what everyone else may say or do....
It takes courage to tell the rest of the story, to say what is clearly on the mind while knowing how to not be hurtful or selfish.
I have been thinking about courage and the care it takes to control it too.
A winter's night thought to think about I guess....a new year to focus on some new things in myself too.

"Courage is not bowing to what others think, but bowing to what I think. I need to look in my mirror every morning and respect the face that I see. Right and wrong is a matter for the individual, not the mob." -Jon Katz

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