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Saturday, December 31, 2016

A New year!

Every year for New year's eve I love watching "When Harry met Sally." because it's adorable and has really GREAT New year's eve parties in the classic movie. The dialogue between Harry and Sally reminds me of my own husband, back when we were dating we had almost exact conversations as the movie captures and shares.

Maybe the fact Sally is always optimistic, and she is always organized which endears her to me so much, while my husband Tony uses humor and honesty to bring about real topics like Harry.   

New year's eve always reminds me just how fast one whole year can fly by!

While drinking mulled wine in my cozy warm blankets and cuddling lazy pets, while laughing and talking to my husband I feel grateful for our friendship and adventures year to year.

I still like that for our wedding announcement we made the very same poster picture, this movie focuses on the growing friendship that eventually became a marriage in which is exactly what Tony and I have lived through.

I always remember way back when I first met Tony, he said that men and women can't just be friends and I was so annoyed thinking he didn't know what he was talking about......
Yet just like the first scene in "When Harry met Sally." I laugh and see how very similar to those characters we both are! It never gets old, not really as I laugh every time and tear up just the same watching that movie year to year!

Every new year is a whole new life lesson and a new adventure, 
I'm ready to see what 2017 will be like with my new word "Courage." to take on the next 12 months!

Happy New Year out there!

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