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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas to do!

I truly love the Holiday season!

Every year I have a system of my favorite traditions to
faithfully follow;

Watch "Elf" when first decorating my home with Christmas decor.
Watch "Love Actually." while baking holiday goodies.
Watch "A Muppet's Christmas Carol." and sing along once a week.
Watch "Home Alone." on a lazy weekend.
Watch the traditional "Christmas Carol" on Christmas eve.
Watch "It's A Wonderful Life." ALL the time!

Decorate home.
Walk through the Festival of Trees.
Enjoy The Garden a Glow.
Drive around looking at Christmas lights displays in lovely fun homes.
Order a Holiday coffee drink and walk around downtown.
Go out to a nice dinner all dressed up.
Sit by the fire where ever possible.
Drink Mulled wine while it snows outside.
Go no where after it snows for weeks!

Cut snowflakes out.
Make Christmas cards.
Write personal letters to far away family.
Sing along to Christmas music.

Read books.
Take Naps.
stay in Pajamas all day.
Cook all kinds of  comfort food dishes.
Walk the dogs in short spurts and cuddle in the evening under Christmas blankets.
Make Hot toddies and yummy soups in bone broth.

I also like to deep clean and organize everything while it's cold outside.

I can't stand the early dark days of winter so I hang clear Christmas lights all over my home for help to deal in the shadow gray days.

I use peppermint essential oil on all my new winter bedding.

I love holiday scented candles to burn while I'm home with smells of cinnamon and evergreen trees.

If it snows good and deep, then I make a snowman and a snow angel, while rolling around with my dog Oscar who loves to play in the snow just not stay out long too.

I call to chat with my friends or my aunts for a long cozy conversation.

I make gifts in baskets with little goodies along with coffee or a wine bottle to be at the ready.

I enjoy all kinds of arts and crafts time during the holiday season and I always love thinking up new and fun things to do for celebrating Christmas!


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