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Monday, December 5, 2016

2 Cops Quit Over Tactics At Standing Rock North Dakota

I know this is a month old, but Jimmy is another one of my favorites to follow on the News.
It's interesting to me that now looking back at the clip just how spot on and right Jimmy was to say these things!
I have been very active in the "I can't Breath." movement back in 2014 bring to light the huge national problem with Cop abuse and bullying.
The Good Cops just walk away, they can't keep their fellow law enforcement in check and in dignity towards the common public.

It's going to get worse if we leave the bad officers free to shoot and to kill anyone they want.

I stand with Standing Rock, I will always tell a Cop to behave if I see abuse of power, I will never be afraid to die for what is right and good in protecting the land or the next generation!
This world is changing, shifting and moving with or without us! So I agree with Jimmy that if we do nothing while the bullies of the world pick on the helpless and the innocent we are apart of the problem, we should step up and take ownership of our lives in respecting the value of others in every situation!

Don't just walk away.......this is really happening right now!

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