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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Jesus the Ancient Alien

I was studying this week in my J.W. bible study about the power of praying, it was a good topic from the bible, sometimes I feel like studying the bible these days is helping me heal from the past. 

Growing up Christian was a dramatic way of life, a controlled brain washing that started from birth. In much the same way of ANY religion, it will dominate you and fill your life with guilt and shame.
Like with politics or dieting people jump on to their belief systems in order to better their lives, in order to have answers for life's million questions and struggling helplessness.

Studying the bible every week with my elderly friend Bernice, and her niece Melody allows me to remember so much more to the bible.
It allows me to share about all the different styles of churches that I saw as a kid, how I was finally at home and felt safe in the legalistic small baptist church, where everyone was mostly homeschooled and guarded by all the rules we lived by. It was peaceful and calm, finally I was very happy with God when I was there, I was very mindful in prayer. In fact without praying in my life back then I would of felt so beyond helpless and afraid! Praying gave me insight to myself and my bravery grew from feeling so close to God. I will always admire praying, it helped me through so much while growing up!
Jesus is a huge part of Christmas for the Christians I know. The JW religion believe in Jesus too, they just don't celebrate any holiday that would by accident take their worship away from Jehovah. It's such a peaceful calm religion that I love studying it, praying to get our focus into the scriptures and discuss what was the reason or why was God not fixing everything on this earth for us sooner then later?
Bernice is 87 years old and has lived her whole life devoted always to being a Jehovah Witness, even when her husband disagreed or when her son choose a whole different way to live in being more involved with his community. I love how happy she was with her parents growing up that she learned to read from holding the bible and following her family around. Good memories and good healthy relationships are so inspiring to me that I admire my wiser friend. She and I clicked in 2011 as neighbors, we got along so well that I would spend all afternoon drinking lemon aid on her patio or sharing a dish of whatever I cooked for dinner. When she asked me to be in her bible study I was wondering what does the bible even look like to me now?
I know so much more about the ancient times, about the idea of aliens and all these legends of Gods coming from the sky that I wonder if Jesus was an alien too? 
I love debating over scriptures and connecting it to the Greek gods and pagan worship. Because it's all tangled up together, and it all shares the very same ideas, since there is no way of knowing for sure this makes studying the bible very fascinating to me while watching an episode of "Ancient Aliens."

My husband Tony asks "How did you know what he was going say?" I look from my lap top with my coffee mug nearby as he ate breakfast watching an episode of "Ancient Aliens." I become aware that it's in the bible too as the show moves on in front of us I explain "We were just studying about that last week, it's in the bible.....Maybe Jesus was an alien? Ya know that would make far more sense after he died he floated up into the sky where his space ship waited for him." Tony smiled and said "I should watch these shows with you more often, you know a lot about this." 
I smirked and winked back at him "It's because I like to pray a lot." He groaned his protest and annoyance as I chuckled.

Maybe there really are aliens inside the moon, monitoring our worldly behaviors and seeing how long can a myth last on the earth? How long can we inflict suffering onto each other? How long can Jesus be so misunderstood? 
....I for one am always going to wonder what the REAL story actually is..... 
AND I'm always going to live in awe of Jehovah's creations, I choose to be in awe over any legendary story that is apart of our society, while also praying to God we don't mess it all up in the end. 

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