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Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Favorite Movie List

It's always fun to think of my favorite things, I also love asking people what their favorite things are too, although such a question annoys my husband because he says that you can not limit your interest or your entertainment so quickly......

             I for one love thinking about my favorite things because they reveal what kind of person I am or what I feel is very important to me.

I really love making list of my favorite colors, movies and places.

These movies are the ones I watch over and over again:

Disney's "Brave"  (2012)
"Saved!" (2004)
"Lions For Lambs." (2007)
Disney's "Finding Nemo." (2003)
ALL of the Harry Potters (2001-2011)
"Steel Magnolias." (1989)
"A River Runs Through it." (1992)
"Babe." (1995)
"Tree of Life." (2011)
"Fried Green Tomatoes." (1991)
"The Secret Lives of Bees." (2008)
"Mamma Mia." (2008)
"Ironed Jawed Angels." (2004)
"The Last Castle." (2001)
"Sense and Sensibility." (1995)
"Anne of Green Gables." (1985)
"Groundhog Day." (1993)
"The Color Purple." (1985)
"Spy Game." (2001)
"The Journey of Natty Gann." (1985)
"Jurassic Park." (1993)
"The Help." (2011)
"Office space." (1999)
"Best in Show." (2000)
"Alice in Wonderland." (2010)
"Burn After Reading." (2008)
"The Great Gatsby." (1974 and 2013)
"The Danish Girl." (2015)

I'm sure there will always be more favorites that I forgot about or I will add to my list as I go.....but I see a trend of drama, heartfelt, soulful movies along with some clever comedy in making me so happy to know what I like so I don't waste my time with the wrong sort of movies or stories :-)

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