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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Theme Song

Shortly after my husband Tony was done with his first year of law school, he said "I want to watch all The Sopranos's been years."
It was a familiar sound and feeling when that theme song played one evening I came inside from gardening in the back yard.
I began to think about what music means for us, I instantly began to think of Italian foods and red wine just by the sound of this theme song....
It's been almost 3 years since I had pasta and now that I know how inflamed my body gets from it, I won't be cooking it any time soon.
When I hear this theme song I am transported to a different time in my life when I was a newlywed boiling water for spagetti and simmer tomatoes sauces over my white stove in the cozy clean little apartment as Tone shout out "It's ON!" then laughs because he knew how that bugged me, plates of food and our end of day routine with this tune playing was a delightful memory....I am not that same person after a decade now of life lessons yet I am still the very same in romantically looking at my time here on earth for all the things I love, for all the things I've done.
This is why we watch movies and shows, to escape from this life into another experience, to relax and just forget the world. It's the familiar comforts in those familiar tunes that can take us back to a place we've move on from.....
Woke up this morning for life will always keep going strong:-)

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