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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Happy Wanderer

When it comes to being the happy Wanderer I am easily made contented, I find peace that I never knew back as a kid. As a teenager I found those days to be the worse in my life....Looking back happiness became my saving grace! I found joy in caring over my pets when it felt no one cared over me.....

I think as the years go by I grow more and more aware of how important it is to let go and just BE.
There isn't any kind of mission, or job more important in living then simply just breathing and thinking good thoughts!
Dancing helps me shake my sad or mad feelings off, singing lets my voice be heard without needing to preach. I am on my way to living happily ever after, I believe that is such an easy idea to obtain. I would like to help anyone else who wants to give up the shadows of pain or grudges. To be Happy isn't in a text book, or in your bank account. To be happy is a biological drive since we were wee children in wanting to capture! Happiness and Joy go hand in hand for me, this happy kind of joy will fill your heart and soul even when something unhappy or bad unfolds....
In "The Sopranos" they mention the Happy Wanderer, that kind of person who doesn't have a heavy load to carry, the kind of person who doesn't have an endless job to make others feel good or be happy too. The reaction Tony Soprano has about these other people who are happy when he is not, when he sees the REAL world and they don't.....made me realize it can not be taught or given freely. People who are miserable, judgmental and stressed out can not simply be given the gift of freedom, laughter and love without finding it for themselves first.........(I can't save them from their suffering)
That episode taught me how I need to stop working so damn hard in sharing how I live my life as the Happy Wanderer, Sharing in how good I see everything!
People WILL judge me and hate me for being so happy, so calm and well balanced. The real world is ever so clear to me that is why I think it is very important to be happy as soon as you can learn how.....
I think life is way to short to let the hurtful words or judgement of others take me away from such a good good life I've created and of whom I'm very proud to be! 
Caring for others is a lesson in who wants my help and who doesn't, Being happy is such a wonderful magical feeling that I have learned to not burst out with it around just anyone.....Being considerate, being respectful and being wise is all apart of why I am happy, I figured it out that now I don't have to struggle in loosing my hope and my happiness by those who are not where I am.
I am the happy wanderer, the comforter and the joy, in all my fears and pain I can cultivate the things that are important to me, by understanding where others are coming from and owning who I am in the end.
Life is exactly what you make it, what you choose and will it to be. 
Come happily wanderer around with me!

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